Conferences in Mathematics 2022

Conferences in mathematics and statistics help broaden the discussion on the social, ethical, and political dimensions of mathematics education to - 

  • disseminate theoretical frameworks, 

  • examine methodological issues, 

  • share and debate research, 

  • plan action, and 

  • develop a research network strong on mathematics and statistics education.

Conferences in mathematics and statistics aim to bring together teachers of mathematics from around the world to provide such forums, as well as to offer platforms on which to build future collaborative activities. The topics covered at these events are usually highly varied. The topics of discussion also tend to have clear and underlying social/political/cultural/ethical themes.

The general themes of these events are -

  • the politics of mathematics education,

  • cultural and social elements of teaching as well as learning mathematics,

  • the sociology of mathematics and the teaching of mathematics,

  • alternative research methodologies in mathematics education.

If you're very much looking for to taking part in such conferences in Malaysia, then you should do what everybody else in your ilk is doing - relying on this page for info on upcoming conferences in mathematics and statistics. Apart from the detailed conference listings, you will also find the provision for subscribing to conference alerts which are available for no charge whatsoever.

Mathematics and statistics