Conferences in Interdisciplinary 2022

Some of the most influential academic publications are those that leverage deep disciplinary expertise from different fields in innovative ways. Thinking beyond one's discipline can help one achieve their proximal research goals in several ways. For example, by presenting their research at conferences in interdisciplinary studies, one can avail of feedback and criticism from scholars with different perspectives. Researchers from other fields can direct them to research that goes beyond the high-level disciplinary publications that they usually read, but that could be useful to them in conducting their own research.

Attending conferences in interdisciplinary studies can also give one the opportunity to learn about new research methods, statistical approaches, and theories. In fact, thinking about the big picture can also help them achieve other proximal goals that are valued in certain academic departments.

For example, grant funding bodies tend to prioritize funding projects that bridge multiple disciplines to solve large human challenges. The best upcoming conferences in interdisciplinary studies set to take place all across Malaysia can be found on this page, in the conference listings, and by subscribing to the conference alerts that are entirely cost-free.