Conferences in Education 2022

Owing to the extraordinary progress made in the various conferences in education that have taken place all over Malaysia, during the last couple of years, the Malaysian educational community has set an incredible example of excellence before the whole world by adapting changes, transforming, requalifying, and reinventing their existing policies. Thes upcoming conferences in education will be no different and will continue to celebrate the successes of all educators who have worked tirelessly to improve the current teaching and learning scenario.

All the upcoming events will bring together trendsetters, innovators, education leaders, institutions, and organizations who have exhibited excellence and outstanding achievement in the education sector. These forthcoming conferences in education will witness who's who from - 

  • cutting-edge government agencies, 

  • academics and educators from universities, colleges, 

  • engineering institutes, 

  • B-schools, 

  • K-12 and preschools, 

  • business experts, 

  • EdTech companies and startups, 

to deliberate, highlight and present the best and next practices in school, higher, vocational, and technical education.

If you wish to take part in these upcoming conferences in education in Malaysia, all you've got to do is to refer to the conference listings on this page to find an ideal event for you, register for the event, and then attend. Also available on this page is the provision to subscribe to conference alerts (which are available free of charge).